Heart to heart

Naam contactpersoon: Marc Joshua de l’Isle

‘Heart to heart’ (H2H) is an international ministry that has it’s purpose to introduce everyone to a heart-to-heart relationship with God and fullfill the purposes of His Heart. For everyone to be transformed into the image of Jesus and live in commuion with the Holy Spirit, to live a lifestyle of intimacy with God and use the gifts he has given well. It has a ‘Heart to heart School’, organizes workshops & events in the heart of Amsterdam and all over the world. Last month H2H organized a ‘Miracle Fest’ in Thailand and in a few months they’re planning to organize one in Israel. The H2H workshops are known for activating & transforming people by the love & power of the Holy Spirit.

‘We’re going from heart to heart, city to city, continent to continent, to connect everyone’s heart to God’s Heart.’